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I was born in Latin America to Spanish immigrant parents. In my family, it was a tradition to commemorate each special occasion with a piece of jewelry, sometimes small, always meaningful. Today I can revisit and cherish each major milestone in my life just by holding those heirlooms. Each piece tells a story. When my kids were growing up, we would have jewelry box get  togethers. As they picked up each piece, they also picked up their stories, and we would sit together passing on all the memories that make up our family.

WASHU Class of 2010

When my oldest daughter was graduating from college, I searched for that distinct piece of jewelry to capture both my pride and that special moment forever but my choices were limited to mass produced jewelry that looked like everyone’s else. I was determined that her graduation ring was going to be as unique as the story it told. With big dreams and a design too complicated to be handmade, I taught myself CAD design and after 6 months created a one and only graduation ring, unique and special just like my daughter. 

The sparkle I saw in my daughter’s eyes, the pride that she felt that I had fashioned a one of a kind graduation ring just for her, and the story she now could share every time she wore her ring made me realize that I had found my passion – to create meaningful jewelry that not only captures a special moment in time but creates memories and stories to share and be passed to other generations.

 My designs are created to celebrate your special moments with jewelry as unique as your story. Each piece can be customized into heirlooms to cherish forever. I would love to help you create that pecial piece to tell and share your story.



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