Sterling Silver Locket with Interchangeable Insert of Colorado Rockies with Mountain and Moon



“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”- Sir Edmund Hillary. The empowering message behind our “Colorado Collection” created for those that love Colorado and as a celebration of our inner strength to climb – and conquer – any of life’s own mountains.

Shine brightly with this sterling silver pendant with interchangeable inserts part of our exclusive Colorado Collection. The stunning skyline of the Colorado Rockies is captured in a handmade sterling silver insert featuring the moon and stars above the magnificent evening sky. Easily change the look from night to day, with an insert showing the Colorado skyline.

The piece is laser-cut and the mountains are deep engraved to give a unique depth and character to the design.

You can personalize this locket and change the appearance according to your mood or occasion. Simply open it, insert any of the discs from our store, close and add a necklace to finish the look.  The hidden hinge gives the piece a distinctive and elegant feel you can wear in any situation.

Great as a layering necklace or to be worn by itself.


  • Sterling Silver
  • 29 x 38.23mm
  • 6.50mm
  • Made in the US


  • Sterling Silver
  • 25mm Insert
  • 1.02 mm thickness
  • Made in the US

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