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A hard working and dedicated wife and mother of one boy, Sally describes herself as:


“I am a strong and outspoken woman who is not afraid to let her hair down and have some fun.  I am always ready for that next adventure life brings and try to enjoy every second of the journey.  I care about my friends and family deeply and will always go out of my way to assure they are loved.  I am a simple girl that truly embraces the complexities of life.”

Currently residing in Long Beach California and working at a Vietnamese bakery Sally loves to spend time with her son Leo, read romance novels and go shopping.  Also living near her parents and many siblings she gets to spend plenty of time being a helpful daughter, sister and Aunt.  Sally notes that “life is great right now and I am just so thankful that everyone is healthy and happy”.  Times are good now but Sally has seen the harder sides of life.

 It was 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada and all was well as usual.  Sally was relaxing at her condo in the middle of the day when she heard a loud knock on her door and lots of commotion.  Living in a quiet and gated community this was unusual and she quickly got up to investigate.  It was the police letting her know that her condo complex was on fire and she needed to leave immediately.  Having no time to gather any belongings she threw on her shoes and was rushed out the door by police officers.  Her house burned down and she lost everything.  It was a devastating time but as Sally told us “there is always a light at the end of the fire”.

That light is her son Leo who we were so proud to work with her on creating a special custom 1 of kind piece of jewelry that she now says she wears everywhere she goes.  The fire triggered her to move back near her family in Long Beach which was the life changing inspiration to have her first and so far only child.  Her 3 year old son is the light of her life and you can truly see that shining through in her personalized engraved bar pendant!


Been through a tragedy that only made you stronger?  Sometimes it’s the tough times that uncover the blessings we always needed.  We encourage you to celebrate your own journey in a special unique customized piece of jewelry!  Come share your story with us today!


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